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by Iman Europe

produced by Kaelin Ellis.
the first artist-curated project by LNRZ.
with contributions from Fat Ron, Thurz, and Heno.
Each track is coupled with its own unique artwork!
Preview all 4 tracks below before minting.
what is the story of moneymorphosis?
i took an entomology class back when i attended college, and since then, i’ve been fascinated with the process of metamorphosis. the idea that a being can begin in one form and completely evolve into something better is a concept that has always resonated deeply with me. above all else, it gave me hope— that maybe one day i could evolve past my current circumstances and into the woman i always wanted to be.

i grew up with a single mother in inglewood, california. although we still had help from my father who lived the bronx, financial stability wasn’t familiar to us. we had love, closeness, and all the true necessities a human being needs. but since money was our biggest obstacle, it became the ultimate goal. i’m sure anyone who comes from struggle can resonate.

moneymorphosis is a story about how money can positively change a person’s life, and then how that person can change their perspective on money.

if i was wiser, i would’ve known that money comes and goes, but love is always the ultimate goal. loving what you do, loving who loves you, and loving who you are is what matters most in the end. it took attaining it to realize that money is merely a tool— used to help us build the life we want. so while it is important, it isn’t meant to be idolized. instead, i’ve learned that when i focus my attention on intention, purpose, and service, money flows generously to me as a byproduct.

read all about the creation of moneymorphosis here.
how can i collect this NFT?
  • 100 editions/ $~100 each (0.05 ETH using optimism or credit card).
  • collecting an edition gets you the whole EP.
  • public sale goes live on Thursday, 7/6 at 1pm PST.
  • no presale.
  • mint here or sound.xyz.
what comes with it?
  • the full moneymorphosis EP, airdropped to you once mint closes.
  • 4 songs, each paired with its own unique piece of artwork.
  • access to LNRZ HQ.
  • access to Iman Europe’s “Icons” chat.
  • entry into the live listening experience/album release party in LA on Friday, 7/7!
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